Qingdao Anti-COVID-19 Requirements

According to the latest news from Shandong Center for Disease Control and Prevention on January 28, 2021: Entrants to Qingdao must report 3 days in advance, and implement "14+7" and "4+1+1" quarantine testing, that is, a 14-day centralized quarantine period perform 4 nucleic acid tests. Upon arrival at the destination, immediately perform 1 nucleic acid test and 1 serum antibody test at the centralized service point. Those who test negative will continue to receive home health monitoring for 7 days. Another nucleic acid test was performed on the 7th day of health monitoring.

Beijing Anti-COVID-19 Requirements

According to the latest news from The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality on January 19, 2021: Beijing implements "14+7+7" health monitoring measures for inbound travelers, that is, inbound travelers at Beijing ports will continue to conduct home or concentrated quarantine for 7 days after the 14-day concentrated quarantine period, and then undergo health monitoring for seven additional days.

To learn more about Beijing's entry requirements, please click on the video “How Can Foreigners Enter Beijing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?”

The above information is for your reference. Due to the high risk of the spread of the epidemic, the entry policies and epidemic prevention and control policies of the destination, stopover (transfer) and the epidemic prevention and control policies may be adjusted at any time. You must check the entry requirements and the latest epidemic prevention and control regulations before traveling, and make reasonable travel arrangements.