HVTT16: Laying foundations for the future


The general topic areas of the symposium are listed below. The sub-headings are indicative only and not exclusive. Papers on any topic that pertains to improving the safety, efficiency or sustainability of the road transport system will be considered.

I. Heavy Vehicle Technology

• Standardization of heavy vehicles and configurations

• Interconnectivity of vehicles

• Intelligent vehicle systems and autonomous vehicles

• Vehicle safety

• Emergency and rescue vehicles

• High capacity transport (HCT) vehicles

II. Energy Efficiency, Emissions and Sustainability

• Alternative fuels and other new energy technologies

• Energy savings and carbon emission reductions

• Efficient transport equipment and technology

III. Fleet Management and Operations

• Freight vehicles maintenance management

• Cold chain transport

• Logistics challenges and logistics technology)

• Freight enterprise security management

• Driver training and education

• 5G and big data applications

IV. Interactions with Infrastructure and Other Transport Modes

• Multimodal transport equipment

• City logistics

• Freight exchange and Smart travel

• Infrastructure and space planning

• Vehicle-Infrastructure communications

• Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems

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Abstracts must be submitted in English and include the paper title, the names of authors and their affiliations, as well as no more than five keywords. 

All abstracts should be submitted on-line at


Once your extended abstract has been accepted by the Scientific Committee, you may proceed with the preparation of your full paper. Papers are limited to a maximum of 10 pages.

The full text of all papers will be available to delegates in electronic form.

All papers should be submitted on-line at


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31 December 2020: Close of submission for extended abstracts

28 February 2021: Notification of successful authors

31 May 2021: Final papers due

7– 9 September 2021: Symposium


All papers presented at HVTT16 will be published on the HVTT Forum website. (


Consult Symposium and other questions about the paper, please contact

Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport(RIOH):

Dr. Zhang Hao

Tel: 86-10-6207 9180