• Zhang Yu

    Zhang Yu

  • Wang Yang

    Wang Yang

    Party member, deputy minister

  • Zhang Jinquan

    Zhang Jinquan


  • Loes Aarts

    Loes Aarts


  • Li Bin

    Li Bin

    Deputy Dean

  • John de Pont

    John de Pont


    John is the director of TERNZ Ltd in New Zealand. He has over 33 years’ experience in transport research focussing primarily on heavy vehicle dynamics, vehicle-infrastructure interaction, vehicle safety and perform...

  • Mats Harborn

    Mats Harborn

    Vice President

  • Karel Kural

    Karel Kural

    Vice President

    Karel received the MSc. degree from Czech Technical University in Prague, and Ph.D. degree in Dynamics & Control from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands...

  • Zhou Wei

    Zhou Wei


  • Gavin Hill

    Gavin Hill

    General Manager

    Gavin is the General Manager of Strategy and Delivery at Transport Certification Australia (TCA). He has an Honours Degree in Economics, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the Graduate School of Gove...

  • Wang Zhenpo

    Wang Zhenpo


    Wang Zhenpo, a professor and doctoral tutor of Beijing Institute of Technology, is the director of National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicle of this university. He has long been engaged in theoretical research on new e...

  • Qin Kongjian

    Qin Kongjian

    Senior Engineer

    Qin Kongjian, Ph.D., senior engineer. He is the chief expert in the ICV research field of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., LTD. He has long been engaged in the research of technology development, verif...

  • Tang Ying

    Tang Ying


    Tang Ying is an associate professor at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. In the field of logistics, she has been engaged in research of pallet and unit load-based logistics standards and standardization for many years...

  • Yu Mingyuan

    Yu Mingyuan



  • Frank Kienhöfer

    Frank Kienhöfer

    Visiting Associate Professor

    Frank Kienhöfer is a Visiting Associate Professor and research consultant at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. He completed his BSc(Eng) and MSc(Eng) degrees in mechanical engineering at the University ...

  • Sten Wandel

    Sten Wandel

    Professor Emeritus

    Sten Wandel is Professor Emeritus in Engineering Logistics at Lund University, Sweden and still working full time. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University in USA, a M.Sc. in Electrical E...