Due to global travel restrictions associated COVID-19, from 7-9 September Regional Hubs are being hosted for the HVTT16 in several regions.

The Regional Hubs provide an opportunity for registered HVTT16 participants to:

  • Watch live streaming sessions and pre-recorded sessions in a group setting.

  • Meet and network with other regional HVTT participants.

  • Listen to presentations delivered ‘in-person’ by local speakers.

  • Be part of regional Q and A sessions.

Why you should join us?
Throughout the world, countries are faced with a growing freight task. This presents significant challenges in terms of congestion, sustainability, environmental impact and safety.

Approaches to addressing these challenges vary widely from country to country and reflect both the local situation and community expectations. Productivity, safety and sustainability gains can be achieved through Intelligent Transport Systems, enhanced logistics, vehicle technology developments, intermodal operations, increased size and weight, Performance Based Standards etc. The optimal mix of approaches varies from country to country – but we can learn from the experiences of other countries.

Robust discussion and sharing of experiences between participants is encouraged, and the regional forums will offer the opportunity for Symposium participants who can’t travel to China, to meet other participants in a local environment, listen to Symposium speakers, and discuss the papers with like-minded professionals.

We’re proud to be hosting a HVTT16 Regional Hub!

France: Université Gustave Eiffel (UGE) is proud to be hosting a HVTT16 Regional Hub in Champs-sur-Marne (Paris).

Contact persons: Bernard Jacob bernard.jacob@univ-eiffelFranziska Schmidt or Veronique Cerezo

The Netherlands: Automotive Center of Expertise (ACE Mobility) is proud to be hosting a HVTT16 Regional Hub in Helmond.

Contact person: Rick Smits

Sweden: Volvo is proud to be hosting a HVTT16 Regional Hub in Gothenburg.

Contact person: Lena Larsson

United Kingdom: Cambridge University is proud to be hosting a HVTT16 Regional Hub in Cambridge.

Contact person: Chris de Saxe

Canada: Université Laval is proud to be hosting a HVTT16 Regional Hub in Québec City.

Contact person: Julien Lepine

Before you can participate in a HVTT16 Regional Hub, please register first for the symposium via . The fee is 150EUR or 180USD. When registering at the Regional Hub you should be able to show a confirmation of the registration of the HVTT16.

Join us in laying foundations for the future!